To have the latest scientific and medical data at their fingertips, Laboratoires Nutrisanté work in conjunction with major public research organisations, doctors and pharmacists. They develop clinical study programs based on the active substances contained in these products to promote and protect human health.

Made in France

Laboratoires Nutrisanté have installed their production and R&D site at Montaigu, in the Vendée region in order to control the entire chain and make the most of French expertise at its finest.


Laboratoires Nutrisanté create products that are subject to constant research and on-going requirements thanks to our integral Research & Development department :

Rigorously selected active substances depending on the requirements observed.

Des formulations mises au point en collaboration avec des organismes de recherche publics

Une efficacité démontrée par des études cliniques sous contrôle médical.

They are all subject to stringent quality controls at each stage in the manufacturing process, thereby guaranteeing their traceability.


As a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified pharmaceutical establishment (2008), the production site responds to the highest standards for health care products.

Laboratoires Nutrisanté are also certified by the organisation that controls organic products, namely ECOCERT, and our products are produced using Organic Farming methods.


Like Laboratoires Nutrisanté, make your contribution to the environment by following their instructions on how to sort product packaging.

Formulations developed in conjunction with public research bodies.

Efficacy proven by clinical studies under medical supervision.