Laboratoires Nutrisanté were created from the dawning of a realisation: western diets are unbalanced and no longer satisfy the requirements of our bodies. Deep-rooted action is therefore required to target nutritional deficiencies and restore the metabolic balance.

Created in 1992, Laboratoires Nutrisanté therefore develop and produce food supplements from organic elements of natural origin, which respond to the body’s requirements.

1992 :  Launch of Nutricap, for thicker, healthier hair.

1996 : Launch of force G, which concentrates nutrients and plants essential for maintaining strength and vitality in just one ampoule.

2004 : Laboratory innovation: launch of the vitamin C+ plants range: for the first time, vitamin C is combined with plants possessing specific properties in addition to its anti-oxidising action and energy boosting effect.

2006 : Laboratory innovation: launch of Manhaé, 1st food supplement without hormone sources and soya to combat the unpleasant effects of the menopause

2007 : Laboratory innovation: the launch of the BioNutrisanté herbal tea range. These are the first health-boosting herbal teas to be sold in pharmacies after a long period when they were available only from large stores.