Gamme Organic infusions

The Cranberry is named after former Europeans who settled on the East Coast of North America in 1620.
“Crane Berry” refers to the flower that looks like the bird’s head. The tiny red berry, which belongs to the blueberry family, has established itself among Native Americans. And thanks to its tasty properties, its success continues around the World.

Nettle, burdock and dandelion promote the natural process of water and toxins elimination.

Conseils d'utilisation :

Put one bag in a cup and pour simmering water. Let infuse for 3 minutes so the plants fully free up their flavour and up to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

Some tips: Use spring water to keep all infusion’s flavour intact.

Keep into a cool and dry place.

Composition :

Cranberry (18.5 %), nettle (18.5 %), burdock (18.5 %), chamomile (18.5 %), hibiscus (18.5 %), dandelion (7.4 %).

All ingredients come from organic farming.

Format(s) disponible(s) :

20 bags (6124022) |