Gamme Organic infusions

Green Tea with mint Infusion by Bio Nutrisante is based on non-fermented tea. Dried leaves give the product different properties such as thinness, antioxidant actions… It blends:

  • Green tea which promotes combustion and stockpiling of fats. It also helps to limit excess water and toxins stored in the body. This way, it facilitates weight control. Famously known for its contain of antioxidants, it helps to protect the body against free radicals.
  • Peppermint and cardamom which promote digestion. This way they contribute to reduce bloating fermentations.

Conseils d'utilisation :

Put one bag in a cup and pour simmering water. Let infuse for 3 minutes so the plants can fully free up their flavour. And up to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

Some tips : Use spring water to keep all infusion’s flavour intact.

Keep into a cool and dry place.

Composition :

Green tea (60 %), peppermint, cardamom.

All ingredients come from organic farming.

Format(s) disponible(s) :

20 bags (4701219) |