Gamme Organic infusions

Intestinal transit can interfere daily actions whether it might relate to diet changes or changes in your life’s tempo.

Bio Nutrisante Intestinal transit infusion blends:

  • Chicory which promotes gastrointestinal mobility and facilitates elimination process.
  • Mallow which promotes intestinal process that is essential for a normal transit.
  • Linden and liquorice which support a good digestion.
  • Green anise which contributes to the delightful taste of the infusion.
  • Olive tree which completes the composition.

Conseils d'utilisation :

Put one bag in a cup and pour simmering water. Let infuse for 3 minutes so the plants can fully free up their flavours. And up to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

For two or three weeks, take one cup before breakfast and one cup before or during the two main courses.

Some tips: Use spring water to keep all infusion’s flavour intact.

Keep into a cool and dry place.

Composition :

Fennel (29 %), chicory (24 %), olive tree (13 %), mallow (13 %), green anise (13 %), liquorice (8 %).

All ingredients come from organic farming.

Format(s) disponible(s) :

20 bags (4694991) |