Gamme Organic infusions

With suitable diet, Bio Nutrisante Regulation of sugars infusion contains plants which help to maintain a normal glucose metabolism.

It blends:

  • Burdock, which contributes to maintain normal glucose metabolism, participating in the regulation of sugars in the bloodstream.
  • Fenugreek which helps to maintain normal lipid and glucose metabolisms.

Conseils d'utilisation :

Put one bag in a cup and pour simmering water.
Let infuse for 3 minutes so the plants fully free up their flavour and up to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

One cup after each meal. To use in complement of a specific diet and processing treatment. Infusion is not suitable for pregnant women and in the event of gastrointestinal, hepatic or renal disorders. In the event of diabetes, consult a doctor.

Some tips: Use spring water to keep all infusion’s flavour intact.

Keep into a cool and dry place.

Composition :

Blueberry (50 %), fenugreek, eucalyptus (10 %), burdock, olive tree (5 %).

All ingredients come from organic farming.

Format(s) disponible(s) :

20 bags (4701202) |