Throat comfort

Gamme Organic infusions

Bio Nutrisante Throat Comfort Infusion is ideal to ease the throat during winter due to:

  • Thyme which plays a full part in the well-being of upper respiratory tract.
  • Mallow which helps to ease the throat thanks to its soothing effect.

Moreover, the pleasant taste of this infusion is highlighted by the marjoram whose leaves are used in culinary preparations.

Conseils d'utilisation :

Put one bag in a cup and pour simmering water. Let infuse for 3 minutes so the plants fully free up their flavour and up to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

Some tips: Use spring water to keep all infusion’s flavour intact.

For a better comfort of the throat during winter, it is recommended to consume hot drinks as much as you can.

Keep into a cool and dry place.

Composition :

Mallow (44 %), marjoram (25 %), thyme (20 %), lemon peel (6 %), honey extract.

All ingredients come from organic farming.

Format(s) disponible(s) :

20 bags (6245493) |